Ttl Classes

The Music Foundry offers a wide range of classes and activities.

Core Classes

The Core Class is designed to provide an encompassing musical education including composing, performing and experimenting with music and instruments.

Each class is divided into groups of no more than 5 children. Classes are grouped by age to allow them the best opportunity to interact with their peers.

The classes are designed to be used as a springboard to further specialist musical education. During the course children get to try out all facets of music possible. From composing your own music to learning about the drums and guitar the exposure the students receive allow them to make informed choices about the instrument they enjoy the most and suits them.

Instrumental Tuition

Here at The Music Foundry we strongly believe that music should be taught by engaging the pupil directly through their interests and ideas. Whether it's Jazz, Classical, Rock or Reggae we will find the teacher and method to suit you.

We offer one on one lessons for Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard/Piano, Drum set and bagpipes.

All our teachers are professional musicians with decades of combined teaching and performing experience.

By taking lessons through The Music Foundry students have to opportunity to take part in unique group activities that help provide a full rounded musical education. Students can take part in jam sessions, band classes and are invited to take part in our end of year concert.

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