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Our Philosophy

The Music Foundry’s philosophy is to provide an innovative, imaginative and contemporary approach to music education The Music Foundry believes that all children can be engaged with music, you just have to find their particular style. The classes are a lovely mixture of Music Technology and Live Instruments. These take place within 2 purpose-designed music rooms within our family home. One room is assigned for Instrumental playing and the other room is the Music Technology Studio in which there are 5 Apple computers (one for each child).

To avoid the frustration (and expense) of shelling out for private tuition and instruments before the child really knows where their interests lie, we have developed new and exciting courses, which enable children to be educated musically, whilst finding out which musical styles and instruments interest and suit them.

The use of electronic music software allows us to take music education to a whole new level of interactivity transforming teaching to make instruction more hands-on and targeted to individual students' needs. With the use of electronic music composition software, students who don't even play an instrument, can compose songs and create music, learning more about music theory in the process than ever before possible.